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Hi, my name’s Ian Khor - a lawyer product and Agile person. Nice to meet you!

I spend my days as a product manager @ Octopus Deploy and my nights writing product management and author content @ Medium.

Previously @ SEEK & Deloitte

💁‍♂️ Background

From Start-Ups To Large Tech Companies
From Start-Ups To Large Tech Companies I worked in scale-ups and large tech companies (e.g. Settify, SEEK). Currently working as a Product Manager at PERSUIT. Developing fast growing products is my passion.
Building Amazing Products With Talented Teams
Building Amazing Products With Talented Teams From automating how people appeal parking fines to building Australia’s first software engineering jobs board, working on products that solve real world problems is my jam!
Discovering And Solving The Right Problems
Discovering And Solving The Right Problems I am a proponent of Agile, JTBD, LEAN, OKRs and all things RICE!
Writing, Reading, Filming, Learning
Writing, Reading, Filming, Learning I write fiction novels and Medium articles in my free time. Also a casual Udemy learner and intermittent script writer.

👨‍💻 My Working History

📸 TL;DR version

Jan 2017

  • Founded a legal tech startup called ‘IHaveRights’ with three other law school mates.
  • Over 100 users used our web applications over a 3 month period after launch.

Nov 2017

  • Left IHaveRights to join Settify as one of it’s first 50 employees.
  • Wore many hats during my time there (sales, product, customer service etc.).
  • Worked together with both founders to develop the first POC for the automated ‘Wills’ application.

Jan 2018

  • Left Settify to join SEEK as an operations and product analyst for Onploy, a SEEK product that helps companies hire the best software engineers in Australia.

July 2019

  • Graduated from Melbourne Law School.
  • Decided to see if spending 6 years studying law was worth it.

Mar 2020

  • Left SEEK to join Deloitte’s mergers & acquisitions team.

Aug 2021

  • Realised I was passionate about building amazing products loved by engaging users and decided to pivot back into tech.
  • Joined Herbert Smith Freehills as a technology consultant, primarily focused on developing legal tech products for lawyers.

Nov 2021

  • Left Herbert Smith Freehills to join PERSUIT as one of it’s first 50 employees.
  • Worked as the product manager for the ‘Client Side’ squad.

Mar 2022 (current)

  • Left PERSUIT to join Octopus Deploy as a product manager for the ‘Fire & Motion’ squad.

🚶‍♂️A More Detailed Stroll Down Memory Lane


I’ve been lucky to have had the pleasure of working together with Ian in more than one team. His proactive nature means that he is often one step ahead of the problem he needs to solve. His quality of output and sophistication in approach has resulted in him delivering many successful outcomes during his time in the firm. I trust that Ian will accomplish great things in any team he ends up in and would recommend him anytime, anywhere.” - Isaac Wong, Senior Consultant @ Herbert Smith Freehills
Ian is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, tenacious and intelligent people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has a stellar future ahead of him in his legal pursuits. Ian is a very popular member of the team who works hard to get the job done. A self starter by nature, I’d highly recommend him for any role he pursues in the future and think he’d be an invaluable asset to any organisation.” - Angelique Lazzarin, Business Deployment Manager @ SEEK
I have had the pleasure of working with Ian where I work as a Principal Engineer. It is always amazing to work with people you can vibe with at a professional and personal level. Great person and great professional in the product management space. Some of his notable traits are willingness to learn and improve, outcome focussed, customer centric, attention to detail and most importantly great communicator and facilitator. I highly recommend Ian and if he is a part of your organisation, you will see his impact and contributions rapidly.” - Rahul Ballal, Principal Engineer @ PERSUIT
"Ian is proactive, diligent and has great attention to detail. Ian is easy to communicate with, he was a calming and organising presence in the team. He does what he says. I enjoyed working with him.” - Brian Gaffney, Head of Engineering @ PERSUIT
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ian. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate product owner with a strategic mindset but also value and delivery focused. He is a great project and stakeholder manager. Ian also brings a positive attitude to work every day. I would gladly work with him again and I will seek to do so in the future.” - Kerry O’Connor, Product Designer @ PERSUIT

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