Joining Settify as it’s official third employee, I worked closely together with the founder and CTO to build and launch the ‘Wills’ app, which helped users create their own personalised will from scratch.

I discovered Settify when Max Paterson, the CEO, was invited by the law school to be a part of a panel of ex-Melbourne Law School students that have thrived in careers that are either adjacent to law or outside of the legal industry altogether. I was in attendance when Max launched into a description of what Settify does - automated software that performs the initial screening of prospective clients about their family law issues.

I was drawn to his passion for his product and interested in his conviction in how it will change the way family law would be done now and into the future. After the panel was finished, I sent him a cold email, saying that I was interested in what he was building and would be keen to work with him and for such an interesting product. A prompt email response, followed by one coffee meet up/in person interview a couple of weeks later and I was in!

What Did I Do At Settify?

Working together with the founder and CTO, we built the bedrock for the first ‘Wills’ application on Settify:

  • Designed the initial wireframe for the Wills app.
  • Researched the mechanisms, information required and steps that need to be taken to create a legally enforceable will in Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Created the decision logic framework and questionnaire that users can step through to create a legally enforceable will.

Why Did I Leave Settify?

By January 2018, I had the opportunity to join one of Australia’s largest tech companies, SEEK - an online jobs board currently listed on the ASX. As such, I decided to leave my role at Settify and decamp to SEEK instead.

Although my time at Settify was short, it was also one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done at that time in my career and life. The best news was that most of the work I had completed for the ‘Wills’ app still made it in the final MVP that was released on the website a few months after I left. As such, I was proud of making such as significant impact despite my short stay with the company, as well as creating the first iteration of a product that has become one of the main pillars of the Settify legal tech product suite today.

An online demo by Max on the Settify ‘Wills’ app.